Event Scheduler and Manager

Events that appear on your Post's Calendar page are created and managed with this page.


Use the "Add", "Edit" and "Delete" buttons to complete these basic functions. The other buttons do a little bit more.

Adding and editing events are completed with the same entry form. Once the button is clicked, an entry form will appear where your event information can be added and submitted.


The "Delete selected" button is used to remove several events from your list at one time. Once clicked, whatever events contain a "checked" box will be removed. To select events, proceed by clicking on individual boxes, "Select all" or "Select before date."


Clicking on a date will select all events that proceed that date.

Once events have been selected, clicking on a selected checkbox will deselect that item . "Reset" can be used to deselect all selected checkboxes. Once you are ready to proceed, click on "Delete selected" to delete these events. Events can also be deleted by clicking on the individual "Delete" buttons shown for each event.