Banner Manager

The Banners Manager is a page where you can manage your Post's banner sliders. A slider is a series of rotating images that can be added to any of your site's pages. The "Add" and "Edit" buttons on the left side are intended to add or edit banner sliders, as well as set the delay in seconds for each banner before the rotation to another banner. To delete a slider, use the "Edit" button. If the slider does not have any banners included in the slider, a "Delete" link will be provided. The "Manage Banners" allows you to upload and delete your source banner images. This area is will contain the complete listing of all the banners from which you can choose to create your sliders. Each slider row has a "Select" and "Reorder" button that allow you to select banners to include for your slider and order their rotations. Each banner thumb image contains icons to allow further management functions per photo. Text copy can be added to each banner, along with the ability to allow the banner to link to another web page. The column on the far right will contain the page titles where the banners are currently in use. Banners are assigned to a page over in the Content sections Page writer.