Reduce a PDF Document Size

When creating a PDF, the embedded photos can increase the file size so that it is too large to upload. Digital photos are about 2 to 4 MB in size and about 4000 pixels in width. Many programs like Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat are good at taking an image and resizing the view, but not actually the image itself. Therefore, it may be a good practice to resize each image in a graphics program prior to embedding them into the document. Resizing is not just cropping, but is actually resizing the width and height of the image to smaller dimensions. An image intended for half a document page could be resized to a width of 600 pixels, and1200 pixels for a full width. Once saved, this will bring the file size to about 0.5MB resulting in a smaller PDF file size. On saving, some programs will request a quality percentage or say something like "optimize for the web." Since a PDF could be printed, keep the higher quality (100% or not optimized for the web) as it will not increase the file size nearly as much as the dimensions did.