Private File Manager

The Private Files feature allows for a Post to upload files to a password protected area so users can download the file only if they provide the proper sign in credentials. The private files page is designed to be used by many users as the credentials are shared between them. The credentials are intended just for access to a resource area, not an actual sign in for site administration purposes.

The link to this page will not be found on the Menu Builder page and we recommend that you do not provide a link directly to this page on your website, but rather share the location and sign-in credentials with your selected users through other means.

Use the upload button below to upload files (images, MS Office documents, PDFs) to a private directory of your website. Once uploaded, the files are now available at the page link shown below (customized with your Post's domain name). The credentials that your users will use can be set in the name and password credential fields.


The user sign in on the Private Files page.


The resource download on the Private Files page.