Managing Users

The contact user section is located at the top portion of Admin Area main page and is used to  manage your users. Everyone who is added is considered a contact. Contacts can be given roles to allow them to administrate the whole site (the "Admin" role), or they can be given a sub-admin role (e.g. Photo, Calendar, etc) that will limit their ability to make website revisions to just that area. However, it is helpful to also add a few non-admin users so Legionsite's support will have other organizational members to contact if need be. Note: a password will need to be assigned to any user who is allowed to sign in and administrate the website.


There are buttons to add a user, edit each user and also to edit each user's roles.


Add a user form


Edit a user form (note, the edit form also allows a user to be deleted)


Edit a user's roles from

A Note About the Writer Role

Sub-admins with writer roles will also need to be assigned to specific pages in order to have access to add content. If there are any admins with the writer role, their names will appear alongside the editor on the Page Writer page. Click the checkbox next to their name to assign them to that page.


Your page list on the Content Creator page will reflect that additional writer's have been assigned to those pages.


Password Reset

Remember, if you forget your password at any time, please use the Password Reset link found in the footer of the site.