Manage and Add Users

We request that you use the User Roles page to revise the temporary password we sent you when you sign in for the first time.  Once you are signed in, the main screen will be opened to the Account Information section under which you can manage the user's information and roles. Adding more users can be completed under User Management while users' roles and passwords can be modified under User Roles.


For a user to be able to administrate the entire website, they will need to be assigned the "admin" role, which is the only role a user needs to be assigned. If a user does not require complete access, then they can be assigned a sub-role and and be limited to smaller section of the admin area. Also, a password will need to be assigned to any user who is allowed to sign in and administrate the website. Please use the "User..." links above to learn more.

Remember, if you forget your password at any time, please use the Password Reset link found in the footer of the site.