Legionsite Admin Area

Welcome to your Legionsite Admin Area. Within this area you will have the tools to manage the content on your Legionsite website.


There are several areas where you can customize your site.

  • Legionsite Base Functions -
    Edit Post details,
    Revise website template settings,
    Administrate users,
    Configure membership application.
  • Page Content - Use to modify the site's content and navigation menus.
  • Banners - Build and enable banners to appear at the top of site pages.
  • Files - Manage files used on your site.
  • Photos - Build and maintain the Photo Gallery page.
  • Events - Manage events for the Events Calendar page.
  • Resource Rentals - Communicate the items to be rented by your Post.
  • Advanced Tools - Configure a few meta tags and embed Google Analytics

The Admin Area menu contains a link to the Legionsite Help Documentation.