User Roles

Once you have added some users, use the User Roles page to assign them specific privileges. Legionsite's Support will create your first admin user for your site and will give that user complete admin privileges, allowing them to have complete control over the whole Admin Area. This user will also be able to create more users and assign them privileges. Most Posts' typically have one to a few admin users who work together to maintain their site. The "admin" role is the only role needed for complete access and it is not necessary to assign them the individual sub-roles.


Click on "Edit" next to a user's name, to provide the password and role form for that user.

Sub-admin Privileges

Some Posts prefer to have sub-admins to help maintain a portion of their site. The user in the image below has been assigned writer and photo gallery privileges, and given a password.


Upon signing in, this user will have a more limited Admin Area Menu and be allowed to only those pages assigned by the privileges.


Writer Privileges

Sub-admins with writer privileges will also need to be assigned to specific pages in order to have access to add content. If there are any admins with the writer role, their names will appear alongside the editor on the Page Writer page. Click the checkbox next to their name to assign them to that page.


Your page list on the Content Creator page will reflect that additional writer's have been assigned to those pages.