Menu Builder

The Menu Builder is used to manage your website menu. The top section of the this page is used to create, edit and delete menu items, while the bottom section is used to order, activate or inactivate menu items.


Create a Menu Item

To create an item, type a title into Menu item title and click on the Save button.


Order and Make Menu Items Active

Once saved the new menu item will appear within the Inactive Menu Items in the right column. There will now be two icons along with the menu title name.

  1. Edit icon: Use this icon to edit the title name of the menu item or to delete the item. Clicking on the icon places the name back into the upper form where you can now change the name or delete the item. Note: Deleting an item also deletes the page content that is associated with that menu item.
  2. Drag icon: Click and hold down the click button to drag this menu item over to the Active Menu Items to now make it a live page for public viewing. The item can also be dragged back to the inactive column or up and down for menu ordering. The Save Order button brightens whenever there are unsaved changes detected so make sure to click save. As soon as the saving is done, the menu on your website will immediately be revised.

Making Menu Groups

Another feature of the menu system is the ability to make menu groups. The system allows you to drag several items into another item to provide one level of embedded menu items. Once the parent item has another item embedded in it, it can no longer be used for content but rather becomes a menu header that starts out collapsed but can be expanded. The feature allows for organization of similar items under a common name and for a more organized and usable menu.


Text Based URLs

One other feature of the menu system is to provide a text based URL for an item. Check the Text URL form checkbox if you would like your menu items to appears more "text based."