Banner Manager

The uploader can handle multiple files at a time. Thumbnails for each uploaded banner will be shown. The "X" in the corner of a banner thumbnail can be used to delete the image. The image cannot be deleted if it is currently attached to a banner slider.

The banner image dimensions are 1,200 pixels by 420 pixels (the height is 35% of the width). Images that are greater than 1,200 pixels will be resized and cropped to the proper dimensions. Undersized photos will not be resized, but will be cropped to the proper height dimension.

Note: Any image less than 1,200 pixels will not be resized when uploaded, but when viewed it will be "stretched" to fill up the slider space which may cause the image to look blurry. To avoid this, it is best to resize and crop your images to 1,200 pixels by 420 pixels prior to uploading.